Miari Mission

Our Mission

Owner, Kari McClain is an educated and passionate breeder, with nearly 30 years of experience successfully breeding, raising, training, and showing sport horses through all the levels in dressage.  She and her husband Rick, along with help from their staff, oversee the breeding with a hands on approach at every level.  They strive to breed and develop horses that will succeed with talent and temperaments for both the  professional and the amateur/Jr. rider.

Miari Stables Sport Horse breeding program is designed to produce high quality, high performance sport horses with the movement, temperament, and soundness that you want to ride!  Miari horses are bred for sport horse enthusiasts primarily in dressage, but some have also excelled in eventing, jumping, hunters, and driving.

We hope you will enjoy perusing what we have to offer.  Contact us if you have any questions!


Provide Guidance & Support

At Miari Stables, Kari McClain has developed an integrated holistic approach to building a breeding program.  The Miari Program provides guidance proven prenatal care, foaling and training from day one until they depart for their new home.

Diligent Care

Each foal is cared for by our well trained and observant staff.  Foals, weanlings, yearlings and youngsters alike are looked after and administered to as is appropriate for their age.  All are monitored for health and soundness regularly.

Outstanding Pedigrees

It starts with a pedigree, doesn’t it? Like developing a fine wine, Kari matches her intimate knowledge of her mares’ bloodlines, conformation, temperament, and movement to the stallions she feels will best complement them to produce an exceptional youngster.  Miari horses have garnered awards and accolades from breed shows and registry inspections for being some of the best young sport horses in the country.  She feels great accomplishment seeing many of them progress through the levels in their chosen sport.